Coming Soon : My Guardian Gangster [PHOTO TEASER]

My Guardian Gangster

Coming Soon !!


XiuXiu Meitu a simple online photo editor – English walk through and guide.

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Edit; Please understand this is an ONLINE editor, no download is needed to use this. Simply go here to use the program

Oh. My. God. At long last I am finished with this mess!  It took me over 6 hours to screen cap and label, so hopefully it helps someone!

This is a tutorial that explains how to use each function in a program I’ve recently discovered that is named XiuXiu Meitu, you can find their website here:

XiuXiu meitu is an online quick and easy photo editing program with preset options to help you look as attractive as possible or even dramatically change your appearance. It’s frequently used by asian bloggers, but you’ll see it being used in the US as well. It works best for straight on portraits, but could be adapted to work on many different types of photos.

But, the program is entirely in Chinese…

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